Mommy Makeover

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Motherhood is an amazing accomplishment. Raising a child can be an enlightening, joyful experience. However, the physical toll of motherhood can also be a source of stress and insecurity for many women. Childbirth and breast feeding can have major effects on a woman’s figure. For some women, their bodies can feel almost unrecognizable! Fall in love with your body again with a Mommy Makeover, a highly tailorable combination of body contouring treatments.

You deserve to feel proud of your body. Want to learn more about how a Mommy Makeover can restore your smooth, tight, youthful figure? Contact us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Sadi Erfani.

Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover involves combining popular plastic surgery procedures to help bring back one’s pre-pregnancy figure, look, and self-esteem.

Mommy Makeovers are safe, highly customizable procedures that restore a woman’s body to a smooth, youthful contour.

Physiologic and hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and natural aging often result in unwelcome developments like sagging breasts, excess skin, fat accumulation around the tummy and flanks, and development of scars and stretch marks. Despite proper exercise, diet and time these highly visible reminders tend to persist. Due to the way that pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, strain patient’s skin, muscle, and breast tissue, most of the changes a woman’s body experiences during motherhood cannot be corrected without cosmetic or surgical intervention. Mommy Makeovers have helped thousands of women feel happy, proud, and comfortable with the attractive shape of their bodies again.

What’s Involved in a Mommy Makeover

The most frequently performed type of Mommy Makeover procedure combines:

Breast surgery

Dr. Erfani will discuss patient’s breast augmentation and implant options with them during their discreet, informative consultation.

Breast lift of the deflated tissue that will make the natural breast tissue more compact, making the breasts appear more “perky”, but also making the breasts smaller, therefore breast augmentation is usually advised as well in order to obtain a more proportional or desirable result.

In part one of this Mommy Makeover video, plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadi Erfani provides an informative narration about breast augmentation surgery as he performs on a patient.


Pregnancy puts strain on patient’s abdominal skin and muscles. The muscles may even tear during pregnancy or child labor. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, addresses the abdominal walls by removing stretched, damaged and excess skin. A tummy tuck is performed with a single incision low on the abdomen. While a tummy tuck will not specifically target patients’ stretch marks, the procedure often removes the lower abdominal skin, where many patients experience the majority of their stretch marks. The “hourglass” figure is achieved by tightening the internal girdle of the trunk as well. Once your abdominal muscles have been repaired or tightened, and your excess skin and tissue are removed, your abdominal skin will be laid in a flat, attractive abdominal shape. Liposuction can be performed to improve the contour achieved during a tummy tuck, or it can be performed as its own body contouring treatment, on a wide variety of locations on the body.


Usually necessary (in varying degrees) for the flanks, back, arms, armpits, hips, and thighs. Liposuction is used to sculpt the areas around and also outside the trunk. As everyone is different, this procedure may or may not be “included” based on the strategies discussed in consultation.

Face, Neck and or Eyelid Lift

Many Moms want a fresh face that resembles their pre-mommy years, not just a great body. By our late 30’s and early 40’s we already start to see the changes in our face from aging. Sagging pre-jowls, double-chins, lower eyelid fat bags, excess upper eyelid skin, etc can be restored to provide a youthful appearance.

Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer is a procedure that uses the fat from the unwanted body areas to carefully, strategically move that fat to the areas of the face which need “softening” to reduce the “cadaveric” or skeletonized appearance on the bony areas which have lost that beautiful “baby fat” over the years.

A lack of facial fat is usually how we (meaning plastic surgeons) can tell that someone is in their 30’s and not in their 20’s.

One of the paradoxes of aging is the behavior of fat in our aging faces and bodies. For the body, we are all aware of those “stubborn” hips, thighs, front of the belly, back or love-handles, that so many people complain about. Why does the fat have to accumulate in those places? On the flip side, as we age, we LOSE the desirable areas of fullness on our face, specifically the cheek bones, temples and around the chin. This is evident as early as the 30’s in most people.

Fat transfer can be one of the essential components of a full rejuvenation process. Just think of those people from the 80’s with their artificial face lifts looking all stretched out and freaky but really no younger. What was missing? THE FAT.


A Mommy Makeover is a comprehensive procedure combining different surgeries. Full recovery will have varying times as each individual is different. Patients who follow their individualized recovery instructions will see their best results.

Follow-up visits with your doctor over the next few months will be necessary to safely monitor individual improvement and recovery.

Slight to moderate discomfort, pain, swelling, and or limited mobility resulting from each area treated must be considered part of the process. Patients should expect to be at home resting for at least a week immediately after their procedure and resume normal walking activity after several weeks. Medications to aid in healing and fight infection will be taken. Compression garments will be worn to aid in recovery. Care and attention to surgically treated areas along with drains is essential.


If you are finished having children and ‘dream’ about getting some of your old self back come in for a Mommy Makeover consultation to learn more about this life-changing and self-empowering procedure.