Tummy Tuck Pictures – Before And After

Below are Tummy Tuck pictures (commonly referred to as abdominoplasty) from before and after clients that have attained desired and dramatic results with Dr. Sadi Erfani.

Tummy Tuck Before Front
Tummy Tuck After Front


Tummy Tuck Before Left Angle
Tummy Tuck After Left Angle


Tummy Tuck After Right


Abdominoplasty Before Front
Abdominoplasty After Front


Abdominoplasty Before Right
Abdominoplasty After Right



I’m a mom of three great little tikes. For you moms out there who’ve even just had one child, you know what I’m talking about when you look down at your once beautifully flat stomach and ask yourself what can I do about this?! So, after asking some friends, I was highly recommended to go and see Dr. Erfani for a tummy tuck. I scheduled a consultation with Kari, their RN and was thoroughly impressed with her. Not only did she tell me all I wanted to know about a tummy tuck, but she answered all my questions and more. Then Dr. Erfani came in and he was so nice! He was easy to understand regarding this procedure and he eased my mind with his overall demeanor that I was in the right hands to go through with my abdominoplasty.

So now I’m 6 weeks post op and look and feel great! Getting this done with Dr. Erfani was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I can look down at my beautifully flat stomach again and smile!

Now I’m thinking, what else can I do, lol! Dr. Erfani even called me personally after my surgery to see how I was doing! How many doctors will do that? I highly recommend Dr. Erfani for anyone looking for a plastic surgeon because I am super happy with my results!


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