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Our Plastic Surgery reviews have been great. We take immense satisfaction in providing excellent aesthetic services and treatments for all of our clients throughout San Diego.  Featured below are a few testimonial reviews from clients expressing their experience on Yelp, one of the most popular review sites for local business.


Spirit Lift Plastic Surgery ReviewsI came to see Dr. Sadi Erfani to have him remove a few “dog ears” on my hips, which were a result of a little added weight on my hips after another surgery elsewhere (and a C-section). He and his staff are awesome!! With warm greetings and sincere care, his nurse explained all to me carefully and honestly. Dr. Erfani also met with me each time and answered all concerns very well. He explained exactly what to expect and how long it would take to heal so that I could plan my surgery with him.

I went in to have liposuction done on just the little dog ears and not only did Dr. Erfani completely remove them (hooray!!), he did MORE than what I expected! Wow!! I love the results and I really appreciate the way all of his staff have supported me throughout the process of liposuction on my hips. His office manager is very kind and his staff are friendly and yet still very professional. I actually healed a lot faster than expected as well. I will definitely be back to see him if the need arises. I have been telling my friends about him and already have a friend who is going in to see him to remove a mole on her back. I am very happy with Dr. Erfani. Thank you!


Spirit Lift Plastic Surgery ReviewsI discovered Dr. Erfani and his team of professionals are OUTSTANDING. I am 46 yrs old and a cosmetic treatment junkie. I take excellent care of my skin with a strict skin care regiment, including monthly facials and annual injectables. Being fairly well versed on what’s the latest (and least invasive) anti-aging care I would consider, I found myself sitting face-to-face with Jayde, the patient coordinator then Dr. Erfani in his plastic surgery office in San Diego to discuss CO2 laser treatment, which was the extent of interest I had…..initially.

I am PICKY PICKY PICKY and skeptical, but read on…

He asked about my concerns, which I explained besides my hyper-pigmentation and sun damage,were my heavy (fat) jowls and saggy neck/double chin. He listened intently, asked questions, we had a nice chat. Without hesitation I booked an appointment for a Spirit Lift on the lower portion of my face, and neck. I had done research in the past of this type of procedure, so it wasn’t foreign to me. Normally, I would not book anything the same day, EVER (too picky and skeptical.) But he has a pleasant way about him, there is just something entirely RIGHT about him that made me trust in him, the staff and the procedure.

The doc is a young man, fresh, innovative, gifted, contemporary and smart. When he looks at you, he is studying your face, although he hears you fully, he is also examining his canvas. He definitely sees the natural beauty in you, partnered with the magic he can create.
He will not skirt around issues, he is honest, kind and very, VERY bright. I like this man. I trust this man. I am skilled at sound decision making, and I chose the right people to take care of my face.

I am ONE week post-op, and, well, in all honesty, I look fabulous:) I look just like me, only better. I couldn’t be happier with only 6 days into healing. I am excited to see the results improving even more over the next several months.
Next up….CO2 Laser of course! Thank you for everything Dr. Erfani team.
With gratitude,

CO2 Laser

Spirit Lift Plastic Surgery ReviewsI have been searching all over San Diego for a laser treatment center that was right for me and finally found one in Dr. Erfani. Nice location (check) smart and dependable staff (check) great doctor who listens to all your questions and goes above and beyond fantastic service (CHECK!)

I visited the office today for the Co2 Fractional treatment. I have moderate acne scars on my face. They started off with applying numbing cream on the area they planned to laser. The procedure itself didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated. I would compare it to getting lightly snapped in the face with a rubber band, didn’t hurt any more than getting your eyebrows waxed. Dr. Erfani made me feel very comfortable throughout the treatment and even asked me if I was comfortable several times. The entire visit lasted no more than 2 hours. I was a little nervous at first (as anyone would be before any procedure) but I’m so happy I had this done. I’m so excited to see the results!

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