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Featured are Laser Treatment Before and After before and after photos of clients that have successfully achieved desired results with Dr. Sadi Erfani.
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Sometimes known as laser skin resurfacing, laser treatments can dramatically make one’s skin appear younger, smoother and more even upon the face, chest and hand areas. One of the most popular types of laser treatments in San Diego and shown here is the micro laser peel. If you have uneven skin discoloration, acne scars or facial wrinkling, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sadi Erfani to determine if you are a candidate and what is the best solution suited for you.


I have been searching all over San Diego for a laser treatment center that was right for me and finally found one in Dr. Sadi Erfani. Nice location (check) smart and dependable staff (check) great doctor who listens to all your questions and goes above and beyond fantastic service (CHECK!)
I visited the office today for the laser treatment. I have moderate acne scars on my face. They started off with applying numbing cream on the area they planned to laser. The procedure itself didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated. I would compare it to getting lightly snapped in the face with a rubber band, didn’t hurt any more than getting your eyebrows waxed. Dr. Erfani made me feel very comfortable throughout the treatment and even asked me if I was comfortable several times. The entire visit lasted no more than 2 hours. I was a little nervous at first (as anyone would be before any procedure) but I’m so happy I had this done. I’m so excited to see the results!


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